Posted by: lifecontained | May 29, 2010

Storage Tips

A helpful hint for basement bucket storage.:

1.  Label Each bucket with the main category; ie: Christmas. 

2.  Below each category summarize sub-categories which will give you an idea of what is in each; ie: lights, garland and tensil. 

3.  Have some storage racks/ shelves you can slide buckets onto.

4.  When organizing the buckets, arrange them in a way so that like items are with like items and buckets you access most often are closer and more accessible.  If you buy similar buckets the same size and brand, the efforts of stacking and storing as well as visually will make your storage space very organized.



  1. I like the clear ones that you pictured the best so if the label should for some reason come off I still know the basics of what is in it. Good tips! 🙂

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