Posted by: Ellen Hankes | May 31, 2010

Why Do We Keep the Stuff of Our Lives?

Stuff and more stuff. Why do we keep all this stuff in our lives? The answer varies from one individual to another just as my stuff will be different from your stuff.

Stuff is fascinating and that may be exactly why we Americans are overloaded with stuff. Here are a few reasons we have stuff:

  • Honor. This Memorial Day filled with images of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. To keep us mindful of the special place of honor we keep special things such as flags, photos and other mementos.
  • Value. With a limit to most peoples’ financial resources, reuseable items such as dishes, clothes and towels are necessary. Stuff is kept for wash and reuse.
  • Decision and indecision. Just think of it! People retain all the stuff they decide to keep and they also keep all the things on which they can’t make a decision.
  • Confidence. When there is an overabundance of stuff from the past, there may be a lack of confidence in what the future can hold. We like to surround ourselves with what has made us happy and comfortable in the past. The future is bound to be uncertain and there may be a lack of confidence in the changes to come.

Learning more about why you keep the stuff in your life will provide a platform on which you can make decisions about living with or without the stuff.

Why do you keep the stuff in your life? We would like to hear your story.


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