Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | June 5, 2010

‘Bidding’ a Collection Good-Bye.

Collections.  They can be so delightful.  So intriguing.  So…..1990’s???

Here is my own personal ‘Collection’ story.  In the early 1990’s, I began collecting ‘Coke’ items & memorabilia.  I believe it began when that Oh-So-Adorable Polar Bear hit Coke’s ad campaign.  It started with a T-shirt, then some tumblers, all with that cute bear family on them.  Then it morphed into all things ‘Coke’.  Decorative Tins, Ornaments, Little shelves, a stool, signs, Coke bottles from Mexico…..You get the picture. 

At the time, I had a home with space to proudly display my collection.  17 years and several moves later, I found myself with a home that no longer boasts the space to display my collection, and I haven’t had that space for 7 years.  My collection remained boxed, stored and moved a few times.

That all recently changed.  Over the winter, my Pop underwent months of hospitalization, and was left in the wake of mountainous bills.  Some generous folks and an organization hosted a matching-fund benefit on his behalf.  A part of the benefit that evening included an actual Auction.  Folks at the benefit would be able to bid on many objects donated for that purpose.  I decided to offer up my collection to be part of that night’s bid items. 

As I sat there that night, I had no remorse whatsoever about the ‘loss’ of my collection into the hands of folks I did not know.  Only the satisfaction of contributing something that had once meant a lot to me, to a purpose and a person that I cherish so much more!!

How about you?  Are you holding on to a collection of some type that, for whatever reason, no longer holds the same value it once did?  Dedicate some thought to that.  Perhaps you know someone you could give it to who would delight in it as you once did.  Or perhaps there is a ‘cause’ or charity that could benefit from it in some way.  Maybe you are at a place where just selling it would be a blessing to your family.  Whatever the reason, maybe just giving yourself permission to edit that collection from your life will propel you to a better place than you were when you had it in your possession. 

So that’s MY Collection Re-Gifting Story.  I’d Love to hear yours!



  1. I love this story, Sheri! Thanks for sharing it.

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