Posted by: hopeorganizing | June 6, 2010

Clean out your Makeup

Last month Good Morning America did a segment “How Dirty is Your Makeup?

This got me thinking about how I hold on to certain lipsticks and eye shadows because I might want that color someday. Makeup doesn’t take up much space, so I have also thought – what’s the harm in holding on to it. Apparently, lots of bacteria is the harm in holding on to it.

Here are some guidelines for how long to keep your makeup:
Powders and Shadows – 2 years
Cream Shadows – 12-18 months
Foundation – 1 year
Lipstick & Lipliner – 1 year
Mascara & Eyeliner – 3 months
Makeup Brushes – Clean Weekly using mild detergent
Makeup Sponges – Replace Weekly or when sponge becomes soiled

Now you might be wondering … how do I keep track of how long I have been using this item? Here are some suggestions.
Track the date opened:
-Keep a permanent marker in your makeup holder and write directly on the container
-Keep a sheet of black white labels/stickers and a pen or marker near your makeup holder and adhere a label directly on each container
-Use a labelmaker to mark on each container
-Keep a small notebook near your makeup – have a page for each type of makeup (eyeshadow, lipstick, etc.) and write down each item in the notebook.

Set a date on your calendar each month (or every other month) to check through all items and throw out the old makeup!


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