Posted by: lifecontained | June 12, 2010

Moving Tips!

Anyone who has moved knows the stresses of rushing to pack and then the loooooong drawn out process it takes to unpack at the new location.  With boxes not in the right place, not finding that one item you need or the added stress of literally living out of a box for months can all be exhausting.  Let me offer you a few quick tips to help make this not-so-fun task a little easier!

 1.  When packing; go through your house and make sure everything is in the proper rooms they will need to be in at the new location.  Once that is completed start the purging process of things you want to toss, donate or trash.  If you do this processing on the moving side, it will make the transition into the new space even smoother.  Once you have emptied a room this can become your staging area for the items that will not be going with you.

 2.  Next go through each room and pack like with like items.  Box each room, leaving the boxes that correspond with that room in that space. 

 2. Once you get through each room, go through room by room and create a log.  Number the boxes; ie: 1-10 Kitchen.  In this log write a brief note about what is in each box.  This creates an easy find for that “I need this now” moment without opening 100 boxes searching for it. 

 3.  Once you get to the new location you now can go back through your log and be sure the appropriate number boxes go in the appropriate room.

For more tips on moving please feel free to contact me and I would love to assist you.


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