Posted by: Ellen Hankes | June 14, 2010

Do You Feather Your Nest with Clutter?

As a professional organizer, I always consider myself an invited guest in the homes of my clients. I treat them and their belongings with respect and dignity.

Today I had the rare treat of visiting the home nest of a tree swallow. The nest is breathtakingly beautiful with a soft downy cushion of feathers that provide insulation for the five white incubating eggs. This nest is so color coordinated with mostly white feathers. A piece of lightweight synthetic foam also met the criteria of fluffy stuff and can be seen in the lower left of the image.

While “feathering your nest” is an idiom for making a lot of money, it also means to furnish your home in comfort and style. However, clutter may be keeping you from enjoying the comfort and decor of your home. If clutter is what lines your living spaces or work area, you may feel overwhelmed, defeated and depressed. Clutter can be costly in terms of strained relationships and expense of duplicate or excess items.

A reputable professional organizer can work with you to reduce clutter and increase your productivity.  Change is a process so expect it to take some time and effort.

How do you want your nest to function?


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