Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | June 18, 2010

Take Charge – With a Charging Station

We have a spot in our kitchen where all the ‘Charging’ takes place.  No, I don’t mean online shopping.   I mean where we charge our electronics.  Let me tell you – that ‘Hub’ was a total ‘Hubbub’!!  That is until I located this nifty Charging Station.  It has a large empty cavity to the back where you put a power strip, and then you plug all your cell phone chargers into the hidden power strip, and thread your phone cords through openings on the top.  Now, all cords are hidden and what you have is a much organized charging station.

I also have a small power adaptor plugged in there that allows for an MP3 Player to be hooked up to charge that as well.  The exterior surface has a felt covering to keep all the devices from being scratched.  This one has a small drawer at the bottom to store keys or whatever you’d like.

I searched online and found some of these for sale through Amazon and other vendors, but I located mine at the famous Big Box Store.  If you shop online, make certain you check to see if it comes WITH a power strip or without.  Either way is fine, but just so you’re aware, they come both ways.  I already had a power cord that fit perfectly, and the one I purchased comes without the cord.  It takes a little finagling to get all the cords threaded properly, but once it’s done – it’s DONE!!  I just LOVE the way that space looks now.



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