Posted by: Amy at | July 8, 2010

Space, the New Frontier in Organizing

MC900433135[1] This is not science fiction and no, they are not building storage facilities in outer space.  This is all about the space in your home.  Do you remember your first home and all the empty spaces.  In our first home, we had empty bedrooms and empty closets.  I even had empty kitchen cabinets.  Over time, the spaces in that home filled up.  As a matter of fact, after living in that house for just 5 years, we had filled all the spaces and we even had items stored in the unfinished basement.

I have come to realize that the tendency is to fill up the empty spaces in our homes.  I have even had empty cupboards before and I’ve found myself trying to fill them.  Sometimes, when we have extra space, it is easy just to put stuff we don’t need in there.  We say to our selves “I might need it someday and hey, I have space for it”.  When these spaces get filled up, we start to get overwhelmed because we realize we have too much stuff.  What we have done is delayed making decisions about the items that should probably leave the house.

So, if you are currently wanting a larger house with better storage, a storage shed, or even a cabinet to store your stuff…stop right now.   Before you go shopping, clean out what is in your space.  Keep what you love and need, then remove the rest.  When you do this, you will open up lots of new areas for the things you want to keep.  From experience, cleaning out the space is much cheaper and easier then moving.



  1. Hmm, storage facilities in space; WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Can I sign up?!? LOL. Yes, I had a contracter come over and give me a price for building a closet/cabinet that would actually jut out from the side of my house! Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it. I also can’t afford to move, so I guess it is time to get more serious about getting rid of more stuff! Loved your article. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Brenda, storage facilities in space is not a good idea and please don’t tell anyone I thought it was! LOL!
    I’ll share my favorite proverb because I think it may inspire you. It goes “Happiness is a place between too little and too much” Say this over and over as your cleaning out. It may help keep you going!

    • Yes, I know that you actually said that ‘Space, the new frontier in Organizing’ was NOT about storage facilities in space, but about making ‘space’ in your home. I really don’t think that putting storage facilities in outer space would be a good idea either (just kidding) =]

      Thank you for sharing your proverb. I’ll have to add that to my affirmations, and use it as you suggested, when I’m in the process of trying to clean out my space.

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