Posted by: Ellen Hankes | August 1, 2010

Did the Stork Really Bring All This Stuff?

Legend has it that storks bring babies. Most adults know the arrival of a child is more complex than a graceful bird dropping a bundle into the crib.

When someone looks at a home piled with clutter, they often ask, “Where did all this stuff come from?” While the flippant answer might be, “The stork brought all this stuff,” we know that cannot be true.

How does stuff come into living or work spaces?

  • We bring things into our space. We stock up on food and other things at the grocery store. Printed pages are picked up from the central printer at work. Mail and packages are delivered. All of these items come in without our thinking much about their entrance into our living or work space.
  • Others give us items. At holidays or birthdays, gifts and cards arrive. A grandparent or friend may bring travel or hostess gifts. Children’s school papers, work documents, invoices and other papers stream into our areas.

Item by item, piece by pice, everything comes in the space in some way. The floodgates are opened and stuff pours in. Some things are consumed and other items are stockpiled or set aside. When the stuff is in greater supply than the stuff, people say, “Help me find a way to store this stuff.” Covered tote manufacturers churn out more storage containers, file folder companies sell more files and professional organizers are consulted.  The result is that some stuff becomes more manageable.

However, the initial problem of just too much stuff coming into the space is not resolved. Until the behaviors and activities of people responsible for stuff coming in the door change, frequently there will be no sustained change in organizing the home or workspace. Find a professional organizer that can help you challenge the stork approach to your excess stuff. Trained and experienced professional organizers can help you analyze your inflow of stuff and devise strategies that will work for your personality and learning styles.

How does your stuff get into your space?


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