Posted by: Amy at | August 5, 2010

Did you make your Bed Today?

Close up on a bed in a bedroom Aahh, a made bed.  It just makes me feel good.  Do you make your bed every day?  Our household is pretty laid back so making beds is not a chore for the kids at our house, but I do make mine.  The reasons I make our bed is because I like they way it looks when it is made and I think it is good role modeling for my kids.

Well, we had a few crazy days earlier this week and our bed didn’t get made.  On Monday and Tuesday, by the time I realized our bed wasn’t made, it was almost bed time, so it stayed unmade.  I must say, having a messy bed was not good for my mental state.  It made me feel like I was to busy to take care of the basics. Well, when Wednesday morning rolled around, I  had enough of the mess so I made our bed right after I hopped out of bed.  Here is the crazy part of all this…it took me just 1 minute to make the bed!  Our room was done for the day and it looked good.  It made me feel much more in control.

What is it that you are putting off?  Is it something as quick and simple as making your bed?  Tackling daily task can get a little boring and sometimes pointless, but if those tasks are done, then it will help make the larger tasks less overwhelming.  Have a great day…with a made bed.


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