Posted by: Amy at | August 25, 2010

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple.  You probably have heard this before, but what does it really mean?  And, how do you apply it to your life or job?  Here are a few clues that something  might need to be simplified.

  • The process has too many variables. Here is an example:  Let’s say you have a daily chore/job that requires 5 people to do something by 9 am before you can get your job done.  So, if something doesn’t fall into place you can’t get your job done. Reduce the variables and streamline the process.
  • You have a to work before it will work.  Yes, I know we all have to set things up to make them work, but I am talking about a repetitive, daily task to maintain the system. Here is a crazy example, you want to give a temporary employee a special parking spot.  Since this is temporary, you have to cone the spot off each day so no one else parks in the spot. Is this how you should spend your time?  And no,  it isn’t right to pass it on to someone else.  That’s not how they should spend their time either.
  • Maintenance is difficult and time consuming.  A good example is a kids chore chart.  These seem to work well as long as a parent is maintaining, directing and following up.  I see a lot of chore charts fall by the way side because they are so hard for the parents to maintain. 
  • The process has a lot of rules.  I don’t think I need to explain this.  Just keep it simple.  The fewer the rules, the better.

Do you have some processes that you can simplify?  Let me know how you keep things simple.


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