Posted by: Ellen Hankes | November 21, 2010

Can I Count My Blessings AND Make Thanksgiving Dinner?

If there aren’t enough hours in the day to count all your blessings AND fix Thanksgiving dinner, help is here. We have whipped up some ideas so you can enjoy your week ahead even if a dozen hungry people will be sitting around your table.

Enlist help. Family, friend, neighbor, grocer–they are all on your team. Remember the purpose of gathering family and friends together is to celebrate blessings, not to ruin the host’s health and well-being. Even pre-schoolers can help welcome guests and distribute napkins. Running errands or washing dishes can be assigned to teenagers  in the family. The point is to get everyone involved. Who said every single pie has to be homemade?

Keep it simple. Simple menu. Simple serving style. Simple table decor. This year, in an effort to accommodate the guests’ menu preferences, I used SurveyMonkey to design a brief survey. Several weeks ahead of time. Thanksgiving guests were invited to vote via a web link for their favorite vegetable, salad and dessert. The result is a slimmer, trimmer, simpler  menu that will match guests’ favorite foods.

Make lists. Shopping lists, preparation lists, guest lists–they will be as valuable as the last piece of pumpkin pie. Save your lists for reference next year.

What are your secrets to counting your blessings AND making Thanksgiving dinner? Do you have time and energy for both? What are your secrets? We would like to hear from you.


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