Posted by: Sheri Lukasiewicz @ Peace by Piece | May 20, 2011

Organizing Oncology

A dear friend and colleague of mine is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.  As I watch her journey unfold on her CaringBridge blog, I began to contemplate all of the treatment options and information, health records, doctors notes, appointments and such that have flooded into her life.  While I am certain she (as an organizer) has full grasp and authority over all of this info influx, there may be others, or have loved ones, that are in that same season in their lives, and are feeling overwhelmed.

I did some searching and found some sites that offer valuable tools for gathering and keeping all such information.  They also offer many other links that offer a wide range of helps.  There are other helpful sites, I’m sure, but I will list a few here.  They are,, and

Hopefully these links will guide you to useful tools to help you get and keep a handle on the tide of necessary information you are gathering.  Aside from organizing tools, these links also offer a wealth of information to help you along the road, if this is your journey as well.  I believe knowledge is empowering, so power on, dear ones, and I pray you emerge on the other side of this valley with your health completely restored.



  1. This is a wonderful caring and informational article. We are blessed to have such a wonderful and caring group of professional organizers in the Midwest.

    • Great article, Sheri. Even before someone hears the dreaded words, “You have cancer,” there are countless tests and contact information of new doctors to keep track of. The avalanche of information continues throughout diagnosis and treatment. For those who manage other conditions such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes, it can be a huge challenge to organize medications, dietary needs, caregiver’s notes and on and on. Thanks for your caring way of bringing this to attention, Sheri.

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