Posted by: organizationstation | May 24, 2011

How to Lead a Meeting

Leading a Meeting

by Diane Sullivan, The Organization Station

The complaint I hear often from employers and employees alike is the topic of meetings. Most of the time, they last too long, you don’t make any decisions, someone in the group always “gets off subject” and rambles on and on. How many of you seem to go to “meetings” all the time, but don’t seem to get anything useful out of them? How many of you plan the meeting and it never seems to “get any results”?

Here are a few ideas and structure to make EVERY meeting be what it is intended to be, whether it is a PTA meeting or a Board meeting.


1. Try to arrange the meeting for a central location.

2. Have light refreshments, so that people feel comfortable.

3. Arrange sitting with everyone facing each other.
If the meeting is a weekly event, plan to make it the same time and place every week. This will allow for members to mark a whole year on their calendars.

4. Make an agenda:
Call to order
Approve the minutes from the last meeting
Committee reports, if any
Unfinished business
New business
Discuss any special projects
Set up the next meeting

Send out the agenda, well in advance, to the members. This will enable people to come prepared.

1. Greet members individually
2. Start on time
3. End on time
4. Stick to the agenda
5. Encourage discussion, members will feel more involved, important and not bored
6. Keep minutes during the meeting
7. Praise members for their input
8. Keep members focused to the task at hand
9. Be flexible, not rigid
10. Take care of negatively problem swiftly and confidently
11. Encourage members to see different perspectives
12. Help members work out conflicts

1. Type up the minutes
2. Write up the next agenda. Put in any unfinished business.


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