Posted by: organizationstation | September 27, 2011

How does She Do it? Just like the new movie

1.  Make sure that every item, in your home, has a home and make sure that all family members know where that home is.

2.  Make use of the “one in-one out” rule.  Before you buy the next toy for your child, decide which toy is leaving.  The same rule works for clothes, gadgets, and almost everything in your home.

2.  How clean is clean?  Does the house have to be able to pass the “white glove test” every week.  I don’t think so.  Find a compromise that the whole family can live with.

3.  Make sure everyone in the home is helping out.  Even kids as young as three can do many chores and duties.  It may take a while to teach them to do the job, how you want it done, but it is time well spent.

4. Sit down with your family once a week and schedule times, that the person is free, to clean the different rooms of the home.  Only schedule times during the five weekdays.

5.  Buy your groceries during your lunch hour and keep a cooler in the car to keep your cold items cold.  The secret is that not many people shop during the week and the grocery stores are almost empty.  It will take you half the time to shop as it does on the weekend.

6. Never do your laundry on the weekend.  You can ever pick a night to do all the loads and just keep setting a timer to remind you keep changing the loads or you can do one or two loads every weekday.


This will insure that you have every weekend FREE to enjoy with your family and or friends.

You will be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way the next week.


I have written a book on this subject titled: Myth or Reality? Weekends FREE.


Thank you for letting me answer your question!

Diane Sullivan

The Organization Station




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